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Cordone 1956 tailoring has been founded in Aielli, in June 1956 by Luigi Cordone Senior. Our mission from the beginning, was giving the customers an high quality product 100% made in Italy. Trough the years the Company has grown, arriving to the third generation with Luigi Cordone and Virginia Cordone.

Today Cordone 1956 counts customers in the whole world and it sells currently in 25 dierent stores, Cordone 1956 has about 45 shops worldwide and it has 3 partnerships imported with top-level sites for online sales, it s based in Aielli where there is our ancient factory and we have a showroom in Milan.


Our selection criteria are very strict and based on a single concept, quality. Before inser- ting any fabrics from any company, they are tested, processed and tested to feel the impact on the body, even after washing, that is very important for shirting fabrics, we think that our shirts must be a second skin for our customers that I have to give them a unique confort and without a high level fabric, we will never archieve our intent.


Made in Italy is unique, people who produce it are unique. As Italians, we have a story about the production of very important clothing, matched with a unique style.

Today there are probably fewer companies in Italy than before, but I believe that those who remain, are producing just high quality products. as Cordone 1956 sda we work since always in our factory in Aielli and thank to it we export our products in about 100 coun- tries in the world and we are collaborating with the best Italian manufacturing compa- nies, producing everything internally in our factory and labeling our garment in a unique way, all made in Italy.


Our handmade shirt as well as having a high-level fabric base, with unique details like the sartorial model with the "shifted sleeve" the armhole riveting, the shoulder, front, the but- tonhole finishing, and the "shirt 2 shoulder, it gives uniqueness very dicult to find on the market.


Our power, being an artisan company, I believe that it is in giving the customer a great possibility to personalize his own garment, from the collar to the wrist, the fitting of the initials and the buttons, this gives a great satisfaction since we use these packages for both the b2b market that for our direct trunk shows or at the stores of our retailers.


Our limited collection is so called because at the base there is an important study of fabrics and designs, it is renewed every six months and tries to give exclusivity to the market, the one we think is missing today, so we try to make a dierent product to make so that it is unique, unique that must be transmitted to our partners and our customers.


Not just shirts. Depending on the season, Cordone1956 oers high-class items always based on the quality standards of their shirts. A constantly present product is the hand- made ties, in 100% made in Como silk in 3 and 7 folds, a product that is proposed lined or unlined. Also during the winter, there is the proposal of knitwear and sloppiness in wool, wool and silk and in 100% cashmere.course 100% made in Italy.


Buying a Cordone product means buying quality, our goal has always been to give the customer and our partners, the best value for money, while maintaining very high quality standards, starting from the raw materials to get to manufacturing, all of course 100% made in Italy.

“The key of our success lies in our core values: Integrity, excellence, service and satisfied customer.”

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