Our story begins with a man. A man named Luigi Cordone. Luigi Cordone has made his passion his company mission. Since 1956 he has promoted the spread of culture and manual skills Italian sartorial handmade in the world. Offer the customer a high quality 100% Made in Italy product with an excellent value for money is a company mission for over 60 years. Luigi Cordone managed to pass on his generation from generation to generation corporate vision to the point that today, come to the third generation Cordone 1956 boasts customers all over the world, from London to New York, passing by Zagrabia, Moscow and Athens, but not only. The key to this success is due to the fundamental values ​​they inspire the entire staff: integrity, customer satisfaction and excellence. It is precisely on excellence that we have decided to present Alumo today. Alumo is our Swiss partner. Not just any fabric manufacturer. His fabrics are not only of the highest quality but they add to our shirts a truly unique touch. Let's get to know him better. Alumo, from 1730, combines tradition and technology in its yarns, and this is the secret that led him to the heights of success. In a totally commodified and globalized world, Alumo together with Cordone1956 chose the path of tradition and manual skill. Nothing is left to chance. Starting from the choice of cotton with extra fibers long. The yarn is processed to become the unique product we use for the production of our shirts. Today we can boast unmatched quality. The choice of Alumo as our partner does not stop only at the excellent quality. The entire production process complies with the strictest ecological standards and of universally applicable sustainability. This means that, by wearing our shirt, we experience a feeling of unique softness on the skin, similar to a caress. After discovering this, are you looking forward to buying our shirt? Here you are satisfied! In our store, precisely in the by hand category, you'll find two poplins in 170 / double twisted fabric, two voile with double twisted and two 140/2 fabric medium size lines in poepline 170/2. The combination of these six shirts form a must-have that every man who lives his daily life with style, he must have. The peculiarity of these shirts is not represented only by the high fabric quality. After the careful selection of the skillful fabric hands, as an ancient tradition want, make the product unique on the sleeve, shoulder, bartack and buttonhole finish. In short, no man can do without these products! So what are you waiting for? Enter our store and find the Alumo shirt that's right for you! Greetings from Cordone 1956 staff.

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