Buying a Cordone 1956 luxury shirt does not mean buying a simple shirt. Wearing our shirt means traveling back in time and find themselves walking through narrow alleys where fast hands sew with the radio in the background while little brats roam around the house. Wearing our prized robes means feeling as safe as any of them arms of the beloved woman. This is how the new Cordone 1956 collection was conceived, not only as a pure manifestation of Made in Italy, but as a unique experience to live. At the base of every shirt there is care and love. A path that comes from drawing, passes for the choice of the fabric coming to the personalization of Every detail. The vast selection of the main fabrics by Thomas Mason, David & Jonh Anderson, Alumo up to Grandi and Rubinelli make the experience of the choice a strong mix of emotions that challenge sight and touch. The new collection doesn't just bring a shirt to your home. Cordone 1956 plays the classic pure style combined giving it the freshness of the contemporary. The introduction of the classic line of shirts includes no white iron2 , 3 celestial and two lines. Also, for you, six new colors for flannel shirts, particularly suitable for the incoming season, three classic paintings and new lines make this collection particularly large and suitable for most tastes disparate. The news does not stop at the classic line. New entry also in the by hands with the introduction of a white and a light blue of Oxford. The uniqueness of these shirts is given not only by the precious material but also with a bright color that makes it a unique product of its kind. In addition, oxford also has two new lines. The hand-made shirts are increasingly giving up. For you, three new colors for the cashmere shirt, two for the shirts in denim, one light and one dark, four small twill lines thomas mason. The most refined tastes will not be able to resist this collection! Cordone 1956 thinks of everyone, from the most classic tastes to the most eccentric, but always with great style. This is why new designs are ready to arrive directly into your wardrobe with the limited edition collection. The limited edition is designed by skilled hands like a rare jewel. Each piece is unique. The plot of the design is carefully finished in every line and color. The limited edition collection includes 14 new shirts. The finishing of the is singular and can be seen already from the detail of the button. Not a classic button but a mother-of-pearl 5 milimeters high. Moreover, this little jewel can be yours in only 3 working days. It doesn t matter where you order, we will reach you at this time throughout world. Cordone 1956 is not just shirts. The last collection gave us great satisfactions thanks to the appreciation of our customers of another product, polo shirts. The polo shirt is a must have for all seasons! This is why we introduced the new polo shirt collection five new colors for jersey fabric. New colors but equal quality of the summer collection with double twisted. To these we have added, in view of the coming season, three polo shirts in cashmere, to be simultaneously warm but with great style. We gave you just a taste of the new collection. Cordone 1956 doesn't just dress. Cordone 1956 has always made class and quality its strong point. It is with this must have created for you a series of accessories such as scarves,knitwear and tailored trousers. Our products are perfect for showing love not only to yourself but also for those who really love. Giving one of our products means this, loving with passion. The same passion that we use for the creation and packaging of each shirt. What are you waiting for? Run to discover our new collection! Greetings from Cordone 1956 staff.

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