The new Cordone 1956 site is born! Why? Because your confort and your satisfaction, for us, are always in the first place. The new site has been built and optimized to give you the best user experience possible. We said "why if our product is excellent, should our site be less so?" And here we are, constantly changing for you. Where do we start from? From simplicity. We have simplified the already intuitive menu. How do you say "Less is more", right? And we started from this claim to be able to give more to all our customers! From the new menu you can access all our products, divided by macro-categories. Within the selected section you can, through the use of specific filters, divide the shirts by color, package, season and type of fabric. To facilitate the search for the most suitable product for your needs, we have also included a quick search button. All our shirts are made in Italy and made with the highest quality materials. In our shop you can choose not only the fabric or the color of your shirt but also the finishing. You can buy a machine-stitched shirt or a hand-sewn shirt as per ancient tailoring tradition or the limited editions with exclusive designs. Perhaps our name precedes us and you already know that we don't like selling standard products and customization is the basis of our brand. Now you won't find a section where you can customize your product, but it's not sure why we lost the right way! We are working to make all your wishes become a reality of high fashion. How many times buying online you asked yourself the question ... "but how will the product really be once you get home?" We will eliminate all your doubts, and do you know why? Because, soon, on our site will be inserted a special section where, at no additional cost, you can recreate a 3D of your favorite shirt! We also wanted to recreate a comfort-zone not only in the purchasing mode but also in terms of payment and delivery worldwide. The first news is that the price you see at the time of purchase will not be subject to further changes because the shipping cost is included! But it is not the only surprise that we reserve you ... Let's face it, when we see shipping times we get discouraged. It is not easy to wait weeks to finally get the product we want. This is why Cordone 1956 has reduced delivery times for many products such as one-day delivery shirts, polo shirts and some limited editions! In just four days you can touch the fabric you have chosen, feel the definition of the hem and the unique smell that our product will give you under your pads. Furthermore our deliveries are totally safe. We ship worldwide with DHL courier. And you regular customer, don't worry! We have kept all your preferences, so that with a simple e-mail you can confirm your favorite shirts! What to say more? Stay tuned ... and live all these news to the fullest ! Greetings, full of style, from Cordone 1956 staff!

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