In the three previous articles we focused more on luxury shirts. Did you miss the previous articles? Read them here. Returning to us ...luxury shirts are a very important part of Cordone 1956. They have always been and always will be. But today we want to dedicate this article to all the other products that can get to your home and complete your classy outfit. As we always say, the product changes but Cordone quality does not change. For over sixty years we have been making your unique outfits with our shirts, but we didn't want to stop here. Today, we want to make your days even more unique with our accessories, knitwear and tailored trousers. The new collection boasts of all this. In the scarves section you will find five different types of scarves. Different in size and composition, as well as in colors. You will find 100% wool scarves, in as many as 19 color and graphic variables. With a size of 200X150 they will make your winter warm and soft like never before. You can also buy other fabric scarves. Our new collection boasts of 100% hand washed wool, wool silk and cashmere scarves. So we have thought of everyone! The 100% hand washed wool scarves have a size of 180X150. You will find in the store as many as 15 different designs and colors, all characterized by fine finishes. Regarding wool and silk scarves are extremely particular. With a size 200x150, they can be compared to paintings for both their merit for their design. They are available in 12 different designs and are in limited quantities. (Don't let them to run away!) The cashmere scarf, let's face it, is a must have! The cashmere sable scarf is that daily accessory that makes the your outfit always perfect and complete, whatever the situation you need face up to. Cordone 1956 offers this product in 8 different colors. The last, but not the least, 100% cashmere scarves, of which we propose 14 exclusive Cordone 1956 designs. In the new collection we have also included knitwear and tailored trousers. The knitwear consists of two lines: a line in cashmere and wool with the a flat yarn and a collection in 100% merino wool with zegna yarn scuffle. As you know, in all our products, the main thought is for the customer. To ensure that it is impeccable in every day we have created a line more sporty with wool and cashmere fabric and a more classic one with 100% fabric wool. Our knitwear ranges over many models. Let's start with the ribbed crew-neck sweatshirt model, an outfit of English origin, with particular sleeve available in various colors, reaching up to a must winter hats, a braided high collar. A garment to which we want to dedicate a particular dimension is the shirt a choker "fulled". It is produced with a particular treatment and is today available in three colors. As we said, the merino wool knitwear has a more classic style. To today our collection boasts of cardigans under jackets, a high collar jersey and a jacket with zip opening below and above. We must live with style but also with comfort!Trousers could not be missing in our winter collection tailoring! This product, in the last collection, sold out very quickly, and for this that we present again in the new collection in different fabrics and colors. From flannel to the vital canonical barberis fabric, velvet and stretch cotton up to high-waist models. There are so many opportunities to live with class every day, of course with Cordone 1956 products! Enter the store and immediately start creating your perfect outfit! Greetings, from all Cordone 1956 staff!

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