It is always an honour for a brand to receive a publication ... and we are not new to this story! this is why on our website we have dedicated an entire section to the publications we have had the honor of receiving. We pay tribute, with this article, to our latest publication on THE RAKE MAGAZINE. We are pleased to be published by this particular magazine because it is the main one that publishes the codes of classic masculine elegance at a world level, perfectly matching our values. The Rake Magazine is inspired by icons like Cary Grant, Gianni Agnelli, Sean Connery and their contemporary figures Provides incisive comments on men's clothing and many other elements of gentleman life and his style, making the Cordone 1956 brand unique In the latest issue, The Rake Magazine dedicates 4 pages to us. In which we do not only tell about our products and how they are sewn with love and professionalism. We don't just talk about the fabrics, totally made in Italy, carefully chosen and our exclusive designs that are a fundamental part of our brand. What we wanted to emphasize in our article for The Rake Magazine is everyday life in the company. Being in our staff does not just mean working for us, it means being part of a large family that works for the same purpose. Each hand is a fundamental support to allow you to get home the product chosen with the utmost attention to detail, as you deserve. That's why we decided to talk about ourselves as a company and family and how we produce our tailoring products. What are you waiting for? Read our article and share it! To the next article! Greetings from the Cordone Staff 1956

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