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A unique, personalized and exciting tailoring experience: come and try cordone's Private Tailoring!

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Live a different, more luxurious, shopping experience and get the perfect fit for your next made in Italy shirts.
We will guide you through the perfect size for you, your best suiting colors and fabrics.

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How can I assess whether this private tailoring service aligns well with my requirements and preferences?

This service offers an exceptional and one-of-a-kind online shopping experience. It allows you to enjoy personalized consultations tailored to your preferences. However, it's important to note that a minimum purchase of 4 shirts is required at the conclusion of the consultation. Embracing this service not only ensures a unique shopping journey but also guarantees a wardrobe curated precisely to your liking. Explore the benefits of this custom fitting experience and elevate your online shopping to new heights with the Made in Italy.

What are the benefits of Cordone's private tailoring service?

Perfect Fit: Tailored to your measurements and style for an impeccable fit.

Ultimate Comfort: Say goodbye to ill-fitting clothes; ours are designed for your comfort.

Confidence Booster: Dress confidently in unique pieces made exclusively for you.

Premium Quality: Enjoy durable garments crafted from top-notch materials.

Time-Saving: Skip store-hopping and alterations with our convenient service.

Styling Expertise: Get valuable fashion advice from our professional stylists.

One-of-a-Kind: Stand out with a wardrobe reflecting your individuality.

Online Shopping: Shop with confidence, knowing you're getting personalized items.

Hassle-Free Returns: Minimize returns; our custom-fitted garments rarely miss the mark.