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handmade in italy and delivered to your doorstep

Cordone1956 is a 100% made in Italy family brand. All our shirts are handmade in Italy and delivered to your doorstep wherever you are.
Our shirts are handmade by our skilled artisans in Cordone1956's workshop in Aielli, a small town in Abruzzo, Italy.
We take pride in our commitment to producing exceptional shirts characterized by unmatched quality.

impeccable fit: Tailored for you

Our shirts are more than just clothing; they are a statement of sophistication. Each piece is expertly tailored to ensure an impeccable fit that flatters every silhouette.
From the precise stitching to the thoughtfully designed cuts, our Italian shirts are a testament to the artistry of traditional craftsmanship.

incomparable comfort: luxurious feel, all-day wear

Experience a new level of comfort that goes beyond expectations. 
We source the finest materials to create shirts that feel as good as they look. 
The luxurious fabric caresses your skin, providing a sensation of unmatched comfort throughout the day.
Say goodbye to compromise; embrace a wardrobe that combines style with ultimate wearability.
I have over 20 Cordone shirts and the quality and fit is of the highest standard. I will never purchase a shirt from anyone other than Cordone. Outstanding customer service and attention to detail. I can’t recommend this establishment enough!

Chris Shaw

Excellent quality in shirts. Whether its business or casual, they have something for you. I love all of their shirts.

Marcus Thompson

Shirt as described what to say .... fantastic. The customer support is nothing short of Impeccable, you couldn't ask for more. My most sincere congratulations.

Mario Viotti


What is the durability of your shirts?

Our shirts are made with meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials to ensure exceptional durability. We prioritize quality in every phase of our production process, from stitching to the fabric used. Cordone 1965 shirts are designed to withstand the test of time and offer long-lasting wear. Being certified made in Italy products guarantees the quality of the craftsmanship, durability and the beauty of each single detail about our shirts.

How can I take care of the shirt?

Hand wash inside out with mild soap at 30°C or dry clean. Iron at low temperatures, avoiding the buttons. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Do not machine wash.

Why does this shirt cost more compared to other websites?

We take pride in our commitment to producing exceptional shirts characterized by unmatched quality. Our shirts are crafted with meticulous expertise by skilled artisans using traditional techniques that require great skill and time. We choose high-quality fabrics from renowned weavers to ensure the best materials for our shirts. Additionally, we place great importance on fair payment for our artisans and maintaining ethical production practices. These factors contribute to the higher cost, but we believe it is a testament to the value and skill you will experience when you own a Cordone 1965 shirt. All our shirts are characterized by the misalignment under the armscye which guarantees the maximum comfort to our clients while wearing it by preventing the gaping at the junction point of the underarm stitches.
Where are the shirts manufactured?
Where are the shirts manufactured? Cordone 1965 shirts are proudly manufactured in Aielli, a small town in the heart of Italy. Our brand has a deep connection with Italian craftsmanship and heritage. Producing our shirts in Italy allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship while supporting local artisans and businesses. Each shirt is made with passion and dedication by skilled Italian artisans who have honed their expertise over generations. Cordone 1956 to date exports its products to about 100 countries around the world for wholesale and retail customers, everything is produced internally in our factory in Aielli certifying the product made in Italy.

How do I know what size to order?
To determine the perfect size for your Cordone 1965 shirt, we recommend consulting our comprehensive size guide available on our product page. Our size guide provides detailed measurements for the chest, collar, sleeves, and length, along with instructions on how to take your own measurements. For any doubts, you can contact us via chat, and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.