If you are thinking of ordering a personalized shirt, below you will find information on how to take your measurements. Follow the videos and you will receive the product just as you have always desired it.

If you want to follow these instructions and simultaneously enter your measurements in your account you can do it.

If you prefer to measure a dress shirt directly, this can also be a great way to create your first custom shirt size.



Place the centimeter from the tip of the shoulder to the wrist. This will be the length of your sleeve.

  • See the video.


Place the tape measure around your neck at the height where the collar would normally be closed. Stay relaxed. Do not lift the neck or tighten the chin.

See the video.

Shirt length

Position the centimeter from the central part of the neck up to the length you want to receive the shirt.

See the video.


Place the centimeter behind your back, from the tip of the right shoulder to the tip of the left shoulder.

See the video.


Place the centimeter under the right armpit and take the circumference of the chest.

See the video.


Position the centimeter at the navel and take the whole waist circumference.

See the video.

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