About Cordone 1956

We have been producing quality since 1956

Cordone 1956 tailoring was founded in Aielli, in June 1956 by Luigi Cordone Senior who immediately pursued his dream of giving its customers and partners a high quality product 100% made in Italy.

Over the years the company has grown, evolved and has come to the third generation with Luigi Cordone and Virginia Cordone.

The years have passed but the characteristics of the company have remained identical as the people who produce the shirts are unique as are our products made in Italy, this thanks to the skill of experienced people who work with us for many years.

Cordone 1956 to date export its products to about 100 countries around the world for wholesale and retail customers, everything is produced internally in our factory in Aielli certifying the product made in Italy.


The craftsmanship of our seamstresses combined with the organizational strength of the company creates a handmade product from 1956 100% made in Italy.


Our shirt in addition to the details of the fabric and the main finishes has an important feature that is that of the modeling in fact we work with a model with the sleeve moved, a super tailoring that few companies can work today.


Each Cordone 1956 shirt is unique, unique because we offer the possibility to the customer who is private or that is a shopkeeper to customize the product to his liking, neck, wrist, fit, button and not least the fabrics.


The research is at the base of each of our collections, we seek through the know how created over time to study the best offer of the market by designing EXCLUSIVE FABRICS produced by the best Italian companies.